OnePlus Buds Z (wireless earbuds)


                      OnePlus Buds Z is first released back on 30 October 2020 and now selling at a price tag of around 2,799/- Rupees available on, and in India. This TWS earbuds are available in three different colors : White, Grey and most beautiful looking Steven Harrington Edition(at 3,699/- Rupees).

                      This earbuds offers a new design and fit, it also loaded with a lot of features like USB Type-C fast charging, AAC bluetooth codec support, Dolby Atmos support for stereo sound, IP55 water and sweat resistance, bluetooth 5.0 and many more.


What's in the box

First of all, let’s take a quick look on what we get in the box of Noise Shots Neo 2 TWS.

  • Earbuds with charging case.
  • Small Type-A (USB) to Type-C charging cable.
  • Small/Large eartips with extra earfins (medium size is attached on the earbuds).
  • User manual and warranty card.

Design and Build quality

           OnePlus Buds Z has the same signature OnePlus design which includes an oblong shape that houses the drivers and long stalk that sticks out at the bottom which houses the battery, antenna and other electronics. This earbuds uses silicon ear-tips which are comfortable in my opinion.

           Overall, the OnePlus Buds Z are well designed and build earbuds. This earbuds also have an IP55 water and sweat resistance which saves the earbuds from mild rain and sweaty workouts.

      Despite of having stalks on the earbuds they ley down horizontally rather than vertically on the charging case which also a great design and makes the case compact and pocket friendly.


     This earbuds supports bluetooth 5.0 for great connectivity and you can use your earbuds within 10m radius without any destortion. These earbuds also have 2 microphones combined with OnePlus noise reduction algorithms does the job brilliantly.

          OnePlus Buds Z works with two different apps, one which is only for OnePlus devices called OnePlus Buds and the other one are for rest of the devices. 

     The OnePlus App shows you battery life of the earbuds, you can change touch gestures, change the codec(AAC or SBC), switch between bluetooth profiles and update the firmware.

        For other Android smartphones you can install HeyMelody app which does almost the same. There is also a Find My Device feature that lets you see your last known location using Google Find My Device App and it also makes them ring in case you misplaced them.


          The OnePlus Buds Z have claimed battery life of 5hr. of continuous usage and 20hr. combined with the charging case. But, actually on my testing this earbuds lasts only for about 4hr. of continuous usage and when combined with the battery on the charging case it lasts for around 17hr. when listening at 75% volume. 

           The company also claims that in 10min. of charge you can use 3hr. of music playback which is great because of the fast charging support. 

Sound Quality & Gaming

Sound Quality :-

         OnePlus Buds Z have exceptional sound quality for the price. It has a fantastic low-end sound quality which provides warmth and bass to your ears. Mid-range is just ok and the high-end is not that great but considering the price point it offers great sound quality beacuse of the 10mm sound drivers.

      It also supports Dolby Atmos for an amazing stereo sound which is great while watching movies and because of dual microphones the call quality is very much clear. The volume of the earbuds are also good and most of the time I used these earbuds at only 60% volume.

Gaming Mode :-

             The OnePlus Buds Z offers reasonably low latency and OnePlus claims that it gives latency of 103ms but only in Fnatic mode, which can only be activated while playing games. I do notice a slight improvement in latency in this mode.

          But considering the price, though it offers better quality 10mm drivers but Noise Shots Neo 2 gives around 90ms latency while playing multiplayer games (but it has smaller 6mm drivers). And I thought that the latency could be improved a little bit.


             Overall the OnePlus Buds Z gives an all-round performance considering the price. It delivers on basics well, good 3-4hr.battery life with all around 17hr. with case, bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, Dolby Atmos support, Type-C fast charging and 10mm sound drivers.

        And won’t disappoint you with the audio performance or built quality. The only compromise here is the awkward positioning of the earbuds inside the case. And the OnePlus software is quite buggy. 

            So all things considered, the OnePlus Buds Z will be an good option to buy around 2,799/- price in India. It is also the one of my favourite budget earbuds right now 🙂 


  • Good design and build quality
  • USB Type-C and fast charging
  • good passive noise-cancellation
  • Dolby Atmos, AAC bluetooth codec support
  • IP55 Water and Sweat resistance
  • Cons:
  • Not 100% waterproof
  • no volume controls
  • no wireless charging
  • buggy software